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By accessing this site, you are informed that the use of the Internet requires compliance with a set of laws relating to copyright and the Computer And Freedom Act, can not be liable because of errors or omissions, with the publisher also reserving the right to edit and update site data at any time.


Under the French Code of Intellectual Property, reproduction for non-private use, sale, dissemination, publication, adaptation or communication, partial or integral, of the data (presentation, layout of the site, copyrighted photos, texts and illustrations) are strictly subject to written and prior authorisation by rights holders, mentioned above.


Any user who has filed directly or indirectly registered information has a right of access and correction in accordance with Law 7817 of 6/01/78 (Computer science and freedom) with the site administrator.

Personal Data PROTECTION

Identity of the Controller

The Site is published by the operating company whose contact details are above. Access to the website and the use of its content are made as part of the usage mentions described below.

The nature of personal data

It is understood by “personal data” any personal information that you are likely to share with the operating company that may allow the company, directly or indirectly, to identify you as a natural person, for example example during a website visit, an information request, a room reservation and other services.

Personal data collected

You may be asked to share your personal data when you browse the company’s website. The mandatory or op
tional nature of the requested information is reported to you when you are collected by an asterisk .” The requested information reported by an asterisk is mandatory because it is essential to process your various requests. The other information is intended to get to know you better, to improve the services offered to you. They are, therefore, optional. The
operating company collects and processes your name, first name, email address, billing address, phone number, IP address, login data and navigation data, your preferences and interests (non-smoking room, room favourite, type of stay…), your online reviews.

When is your personal data collected?

You browse the website (IP a
ddress and Cookies) and consult products or services; offici
al social networks
of the operating
company; you’re answering a s
atisfaction que

Data storage

The collected information is stored in our various reservation systems on secure and SSL-certified
databases. This database includes: customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, position, company name and credit card data. We can also record other information such as your room, meals, drinks and other services preferences as well as your history of stay at our property.

The purpose of the operating company’s data collection

Through the website, the operating company collects data about you tha
t is strictly necessary for the following purposes
: Improve and customize the operator’s services to make it e
asier for you to browse the
website; newsletter); To manage all your access r
equests according to current legisla
tion; – Manage unpa
id and contentious; request for an unsolicited application; In the absence of a res
ponse to the mandatory
information, your request will not be considered.

The operating company’s commitments to protect personal data

Transparency and purpose:

No personal data is or will be collected without your knowledge. The optional or mandatory nature of the mentions to be communicated to the operating company as part of the collection carried out on the website will be indicated to you, via the presence of the symbol “Asterisk. The operating company collects and processes your personal data only for the purposes described in these Legal Mentions.

Proportionality and relevance:

The operating company collects and processes only the personal data necessary to properly process your application or to personalize the services offered to you.

Data storage time:

The operating company retains your personal data only for the period necessary to process it in accordance with the applicable law.

Security and privacy:

The operating company undertakes to take the necessary steps to ensure the confidentiality of the data and not to disclose to unauthorized
third parties. We may be required to pass on your personal information to local authorities, if required by law or as part of an investigation and in accordance with lo
cal regulations.Like most websites, certain information is automatically recorded via a protocol. This information includes protocol addresses (IP address), browser type used, internet service provider, reference pages and final pages, operating system, date, time and Clickstream
data.Cookies do not record information provided by users during an online booking or when registering a customer account. Cookies identify your browser rather than yourself and cannot be enough by themselves to reveal your identity.

Respect your rights:

You are informed of your rights of questioning, access, rectification and objection on legitimate grounds, as well as your right to object to commercial exploration in accordance with the provisions of Act 78-17 of January 6, 1978.

Access rights, rectification and opposition:

In accordance with Law 78-17 of January 6, 1978, relating to Computer Science, Files and Freedoms, you have, on a simple written request, a right of access and correction to the information about
you. You may also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of your data. To exerci
se one of these rights and obtain disclosure of information about you, just contact the operating company whose contact information is available at the beginning of these Legal Mentions.


When viewing the website, certain information about your device’s navigation may be stored in files called “Cookies” installed on your device, subject to the choices you would have expressed cookies that you can change at any time. A cookie is
a small text file stored in a dedicated space on the hard drive of your device, when viewing an online service using your navigation software. It allows its transmitter to identify the terminal in which it is registered, during the validity or registration of the co
okie. The cookies that the operating company issues are used for the purposes described below, during the validity of the cookie concerned, subject to your choices that result from the settings of your navigation software used during your visit to the website. and you can change the se
tting at any time. Cookies from partner companies (third-party cookies) are likely to be placed in your computer via the
website pages. Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or edit information contained i
n it. Different types of cookies are used on the website, they have different purposes. Some are necessary for your use of the website.

Analytical cookies

These are cookies that allow the operating company
to generate statistics and the various elements that make up the website (categories and content visited, routes) in order to improve the prop
osed browsing experience; total number of ads displayed by him on his ad spaces, identify those ads, their number of views, the number of clicks and browsing information.

Cookies and plug-in of social networks (social buttons)

The operating company may include content sharing tools with others on the website or let others know about your views or opinions about content on our site. This is particularly the case with “Share,” “Like” buttons from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, et
c. The operating company has no control over the process used by social networks in the collection of information.
– Facebook Connect: login using its Facebook account – Fac
ebook Social Graph: sharing the page on Facebook – Pi
nterest: sharing from the page on Pinterest
– Linkedin: sharing the page on Linkedin
– Instagram: sharing the page on Instagram

Cookies and machine identifiers for the purpose of securing transactions

We inform you that when you order, the operating company, or its service providers acting on its behalf, may deposit cookies or collect information about your device, including information (technical security attributes) necessary to recognize the equipment (computer, tablet or mobile phone) to allow the identification of your equipment for the purpose of securing transactions in your interest.

Advertising cookies

Advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc.) broadcast in the advertising spaces of the operating company may contain cookies issued by third parties that may allow, during the validity of the cookies, Count clicks, but also offer you the most appropriate ads based on your browsing behavior, interests and preferences. The refusal of advertising cook
ies has no impact on the use of the site and will not result in the discontinuation of advertising on the site or on the internet. This will only have the effect of displaying an ad that does not take into account your interests or preferences.

These cookies depend mainly on advertising agencies. We can’t list them exhaustively: ‘AdWords: p
urchase of sponsored keywords posted on Google ‘Fac
ebook Custom Audience
‘ targeted advertising: recording the browsing path

Advertising targeting

The site is likely to contain cookies issued by third parties (agency and advertising tools) and allow them, during the validity of this cookie to collect navigation data relating to devices connecting on our sites, but also to offer you advertising content that could match your previous browsing on the site. Under no circumsta
nces does this collection of this data allow these providers to personally identify you. Your name, first name, username, postal address, email address and password are in no way communicated to third parties without your prior and explicit consent.

Your choices about cookies

There are several options for managing cookies. Any settings you can make will change your internet browsing and your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.

The choices you have in your navigation software

You can customize your web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc…) so that cookies are stored in your device or are refused.

Cookie rejection

If you refuse to register cookies, certain features, such as identifying/connecting to your personal space, customizing your browsing (choosing your favorite language for example) will no longer be available. The operating c
ompany disclaims any responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded operation of its services and features due to the refusal of the cookie.

How do you exercise your choices, depending on which browser you use?

When it comes to managing cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It’s described in your browser’s help menu that lets you know how to change your cookie wishes.

For Internet Explorer ™:
sOuDans Internet Explorer, click the Tools button and then on Internet Options. Under the General tab, under Browsing History, click Settings. Click the View Files button. Click the Name column header to sort all files in alphabetical order, then browse the list until you see files starting with the prefix “Cookie” (all cookies have this prefix and usually contain the name of the website that created the cookie). Select the cookie or cookies that include the name of the operating company and remove them. Close the window that contains the list of files, and then double-click OK to return to Internet Explorer.

For Safari ™:h
lOuDans your browser, choose the Edition – Preferences menu. Click Security. Click Show Cookies. Select cookies that contain the name of the operating company and click Clear or Delete Everything. After you remove the cookies, click Done.

For Chrome ™:
Ouvrez Google Chrome. In the browser toolbar, click Plus. Place your cursor on More Tools, then click Clear Navigation Data. In the “Clear Navigation Data” window, check Cookies and data boxes from other sites or plug-ins and cached images and files. Use the menu at the top to select how much data you want to delete. Select From the beginning to delete everything. Click Clear Navigation Data.

For Firefox ™:
ncesOuAllez in the browser’s “Tools” tab and then select the “Options” menu. In the window that appears, choose “Privacy” and click “delete specific cookies.” Find files that contain the name of the operating company. Select them and delete them.
For more information about cookies

The operating company invites you to visit the CNIL website at: